Thursday, 3 March 2016

One little miss

Chapter One

   Once upon a time,there was a lonely girl who always spend time with herself. she had no friends to talk with,her parents are always busy chasing the world and siblings becoming one with the electronic gadget.
   One day,as she walk past by the old park she heard a voice calling for her name.She was surprised and feels uneasy about it but what can she do as her curiosity level are above her fright feelings.She walk into the old park and finds where does the voice come from.She look around the park for 30 minutes but finds no one at one..just her..
   She then finds a place to rest as she was already tired searching the entire old park.That's where she finds a suitable spot underneath a large canopy tree.As she sat under the tree,she then close her eyes and took a deep breath.As she open her eyelids, she saw a figure standing in front of her. A tall, lean, black haired man with a hint of peppermint green eyes.


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