Thursday, 3 March 2016

Chapter 2
    "Anna...Anna...ANNA!!!..wake up! what are you doing dozing off here in the old park." Anna was surprise to see her sister standing in front of her and it is already near noon. "I...I...A man standing...ahhh..forget about it..".Anna sister look at her with the weird face and just turn around to continue her journey back home.
    Anna was perplex by what had happen and she looked around her surroundings before she went back home with thousands of question unanswered.
    "Hahahaha..maybe it is just my imagination playing with me right"Anna says to herself as she was relaxing in the tub . "hmmmm..maybe I was soo stressed out by the fact that exam is near".Well,she hoped that that was the case but as soon as she went out from the tub and into the shower,she felt a faint touch on the back  of her skin.She was surprised and turn around 360 degree to looked but there was no one.
    "Anna..stop imagine things...breath in...breath out...breath in...breath out...relax...everything is fine.."Anna says to herself and continue to bath as usual.After cleaning herself up and put her cloths on,she then took out her homework that was supposed to be passed up the next day. That is where she found a hard brown cover book with twigs like string around it.As she opens the book there were only empty pages in it without a single word is written in it. She does not think hard on it and just leave the book on her study table.

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